A New Path Forward

All my life I’ve lived and traveled around the United States and internationally. I continue to be fascinated by how influences like physical landscape, language and culture shape us as human beings.


In my thirty year career as a psychotherapist, I developed a specialty counseling people who don’t succinctly answer the question ‘Where are you from?’ or identify as multicultural.


Somewhere along the way, I began to write about what I’d been learning: Culture is in the eye of the beholder and few of us fit neatly inside a cultural box.


For years I wrote from the perspective of a mental health professional and as a woman who’s lived overseas. Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships, co-authored with Rhoda Berlin, was published in 2013.


Then, a shift in focus came along as life transitions do. Writing creative nonfiction and fiction pulled me in. And that’s where I am today. Stay tuned. My first fiction novel is in the works!