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Exiled South launches in January 3, 2022!

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Exiled South is the story of a twenty first century woman’s reckoning with Civil War events that split her family for generations.

The novel is steeped in international intrigue, a hint of romance, and a deep dive into little known Civil War era history that will keep readers riveted to the dual time-line story until the final page.

Exiled South Book Reviews

In a journey that spans centuries and continents, Lizbeth Gordon hopes to find the family and the love she so desperately needs. EXILED SOUTH deftly explores the ways that decisions in the past impact lives in the present. Be sure to check it out for great book club discussion topics.
— Rebecca Hodge, award winning author of Wildland and Over the Falls

This is a tale of courage and reckoning, of a woman’s life turned upside down and then righted, or righted enough, a story whose pages will not stop turning because Lizbeth will not let them. Cannon gives readers just what they want from a historical, yet superbly contemporary, novel: stay-up-until-the-sun-comes-up reading.
— Mary Lou Sanelli, Author of Every Little Thing

Author Harriet Cannon

Harriet Cannon is a writer with Southern roots and wanderlust. Curiosity about places we live and how family history effects our world view has been a life-long passion. In her career as a psychotherapist, she has specialized in culture and identity. Harriet is co-author of Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships.  Exiled South is her debut novel.

Harriet Cannon

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Mixed Blessings:
A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships

Is love really all you need?  What is it like to have a foot in two worlds?  Culture is more than race or ethnicity- it pervades everything as we interact in the world.

Mixed Blessings introduces cultural concepts that affect relationships, and realistic stories to illustrate how couples solve conflicts. The book is a guidebook to help you manage complex cultural differences, with insight and grace.

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"Is love really all you need?…This book mines the complexity of romantic relationships that are a union of cultures as well as individuals...required reading for anyone who counsels or is part of a multicultural relationship"... — Kirkus Reviews