What’s Been Said

Harriet Cannon is without doubt the most insightful and effective consultant I have had the pleasure of working with in the past fifteen years and is that rare professional who actually deserves to be called wise. Harriet has a mature and balanced understanding of the dynamics at work in the complex systems that make up families, management groups and organizations as a whole. In my experience, she conceptualizes problems quickly and well and then implements interventions that are of great benefit to all involved. She has developed effective programs not only in organizational settings and in substance abuse treatment and prevention, but also for successful overseas deployment and re-entry of employees and families. As if this were not enough, Harriet Cannon is also a delightful human being who is an absolute joy to work with.

Harriet Cannon has been and important influence on the growth and development of our organization, The Multilingual Living Network. Her knowledge of multicultural families has been a valuable asset and we are honored to have her share her knowledge with us and with families around the world via her insightful presentations and ‘Ask Harriet’ column.

Through my conversations with Harriet and while attending her presentations, I have come to know Harriet to be a kind, genuine and extremely knowledgeable professional. Her expertise continues to amaze me.

We, at the United Montessori Association, train and certify Montessori teachers on six continents and have found Harriet Cannon’s consultation to be a most valuable benefit to us. Our needs have ranged from dealing with students who, for cultural reasons, have difficulties understanding the rules and boundaries of the training program, to difficult students who need specific limits set, and to students who face emotional issues that would benefit from professional counseling. We have found Harriet Cannon’s expertise to be a strong asset to UMA’s ability to function effectively in a complex multi-cultural, global community.

Harriet Cannon’s reputation in the Seattle community is one of excellence in leadership. She is an inspiring businesswoman, professional, practical, insightful, and passionate about her work. Personally, I have found Harriet Cannon to be warm, sensitive, and a skilled listener. Her expert consultations have provided the staff at UMA profound insights and understanding of the diverse student population that we work with, individually and collectively. We are very grateful for her services.

Harriet Cannon’s Intercultural Communication class has been the best learning experience of my college career. Her teaching style encouraged me to interact with others and made me feel comfortable discussing my cultural experiences. Harriet’s class taught me the importance of effective communication, and more importantly how to utilize communication skills in personal and professional settings. Only after her class do I feel prepared for any situation that may arise in the dynamic world we live in; whether in my country of origin-Afghanistan, or another of the near 200 countries of the world.

Harriet Cannon has a unique perspective on travel. Most of us travel for pleasure. However, Hattie helps travelers, whether they travel for work or pleasure, makes sense of their experiences living and working outside the US. She also helps travelers make a smooth re-entry after extended absences.

With over twenty years of experience in executive coaching, counseling and management consulting, Hattie is extremely effective in assessing relocation risks and developing a plan for individuals and families to mitigate those risks.

Hattie was engaged by Radia to help recruit a highly successful physician from Canada. She effectively supported the individual and his family, as well as Radia, in this complex process.

Harriet Cannon is a person of moral courage and high standards with both personal and professional experience living abroad. She has been helping executives and their families cope with the stresses of expatriate living for over 15 years. She does pre-departure training and career planning, showing a natural ability to help businesses and their employees adjust to doing businesses internationally and living successfully with multiculturalism. She is personable, friendly, fun and relaxed as well as intelligent and assertive. She combines the ability to practically solve problems with the personal charm and warmth of a healer. I highly recommend Harriet Cannon as a consultant to businesses, families and individuals.