Selected Articles Published By Harriet Cannon

The Culture Shock Cycle

An article describing the process of culture shock and re-entry culture shock. It is helpful for people relocating regionally within their country or internationally.

The Life Balance Inventory

The Life Balance Inventory is a quick and easy exploration of your current life balance. It is especially useful during life transitions or relocations for love or work.

Multilingual Couples, Identity and Change

An article describing strategies to approach negotiating as you and your partner form your vision as a bicultural or multicultural couple.

Bi-Cultural Couples and the In-Law Connection

An article describing the ‘caught in the middle’ position bicultural couples often feel with pressure from two cultures. The article also includes suggestions on ways to minimize challenges.

Creative Strategies for Bicultural Parenting

Descriptions of typical types of cultural conflicts and some strategies for coping with them for parents and family members of school age children.

Repatriation and the Love of Language

An article on integrating bicultural –bilingual identity for returning expatriates, students, and frequent travelers.

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