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“A unique, fascinating, entertaining, and finely crafted novel from first page to last, Exiled South is all the more impressive when considering that it is her debut as a novelist. An extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections.”
Midwest Book Review

“Exiled South rips the cover off traditional Southern sagas and takes you on a riveting international journey.”
Eleanor McCallie Cooper,
Author, Dragon fly Dreams

“A rich, textured portrait of a woman caught between her family’s mysterious (possibly stained) past and a tumultuous, sometimes tragic, present.”
Scott Gould, Author,
Things that Crash, Things That Fly

“Harriet Cannon gives readers just what they want from a historical yet superbly contemporary novel: stay-up-until-the-sun-comes-up-reading.”
Mary Lou Saneilli, Author, Every Little Thing

New Family Saga About a Woman Whose Most Important Journey Is Within

Exiled South by Harriet Cannon

We assign so much value to the places that hold memory, but far more important is our emotional geography, the mapping of the stories that make us who we are. In Harriet Cannon’s sweeping debut novel, EXILED SOUTH (Koehler Books) the psychotherapist takes us on a lush exploration of Lizbeth Gordon’s Southern legacy, which takes her far beyond the confines of the former Confederate states.

Reeling from her husband’s sudden death, Lizbeth returns home to South Carolina hoping to find solace in her family’s ramshackle cottage on the beach. Far from her job as school counselor and conflict resolution expert—in everyone’s life but her own—Lizbeth is looking for peace.

Her quietude is interrupted by an elderly aunt and her stories of the family’s legacy. Tales of a blockade runner hunted as a traitor after the fall of Charleston during the Civil War, ancestors who disappeared during Reconstruction—what could it all mean? There’s nothing to slake Lizbeth’s curiosity, only dead ends.

A new position at a school in Rio de Janeiro reawakens her search when she meets folks who share her surname and provide stunning documents and stories about people who must be her ancestors. And she wonders—could this information provide the path toward family healing?

Little-known history and a professional understanding of complicated relationships enrich this family saga about a woman whose most important journey is within.


HARRIET CANNON is a writer with Southern roots and wanderlust. She is a psychotherapist with a master’s in counseling from Seattle University. She has traveled widely, lived in every region of the contiguous United States, served as a consultant to international schools, and worked for the U.S. State Department in Chile. She is the co-author of Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships. Exiled South is her debut novel.

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