PORT TOWNSEND, WA, Pub date: January 3, 2022
PUBLISHER: Koehler Books
CONTACT: Harriet Cannon
Phone:  206 780 3843

A Psychotherapist’s Debut Novel Takes On Family Identity And Second Chances

When Lizbeth Gordon’s husband dies suddenly, a journey of discovery will forever alter her view of marriage, betrayal, and her family’s rumored slave-holding history.

Harriet Cannon, a writer with Southern roots and wanderlust spent thirty years as a psychotherapist. She earned a Master of Counseling from Seattle University, worked for the US Department of State in Chile, consulted to International Schools and the Boeing Company. In addition to private practice, Ms. Cannon provided sought-after intercultural training for Health Care and Education professional development conferences. She co-authored Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships, published in 2013. Harriet is a member of Pacific Northwest Writers Association and Women Fiction Writers Association. Exiled South is her debut novel.

Exiled South is a dual time-line story, both contemporary and the Civil War era.

After a shameful incident in college, Lizbeth Gordon fled the South for the Pacific Northwest. Twenty years later, her husband dies in a strange accident with consequences that push her home to South Carolina to grieve and start over. She walks the winter beach haunted by memories of half told family stories; the disappearance of a blockade runner hunted as a traitor after the Civil War, his sister, and her mixed-race child. Finding facts to flesh out the truth about her ancestors is elusive. The quest takes Lizbeth traveling. You can almost smell the pluff mud of the South Carolina Lowcountry and hear the strains of “The Girl From Ipanema” wafting over a warm, Rio de Janeiro beach. Ultimately, like her ancestors, Lizbeth will have to navigate the emotional geography of her own missteps to claim her second chance at life and love.


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