Multicultural Workshops and Seminars

          Join Harriet Cannon and Rhoda Berlin For

Roots and Renewal : Radical Self Care,  July 12th-15th, 2016,  Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Find your healing muse using history, family roots and places of the heart
  • Experience rejuvenation through creative expression: writing, art, walking meditation and group synergy
  • Explore ethical responsibilities of self care and burn out prevention

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Harriet at IFTA in Panama

Harriet at IFTA in Panama


Menu of Workshop Options For the Multicultural Public

  • Multicultural Mothers and Daughter’s Tell their Stories: A presentation based on Harriet Cannon’s Research with 40 mothers and their daughters who were raised in a culture other than then one their mothers grew up in.
  • Bi-cultural Couples Workshop: A workshop that speaks to multicultural couple identity, extended family culture classes, and strategies for healthy multigenerational relationships.
  • Parenting Bilingual, Bicultural Children through Ages and Stages: This workshop addresses the complexities of parenting in more than one language, strategies on how keep your couple relationship strong as your children grow and identify with the dominant culture and language.
  • Couples Going Global: A presentation for couples who are about to or have been living overseas as expatriates. The presentation includes the couple relationship issues raised in the culture shock cycle, and couple conflict resolution as your cultural identity changes over time.
  • Beyond the Rainbow: Mixed Culture and Mixed Race in the 21st Century Workplace: A presentation given by Harriet Cannon, M.C., LMFT, LMHC, and Rhoda Berlin, M.S., LMFT based on their research interviewing multicultural, multiethnic adults about attitudes and experiences in their work and relationship environments.

Menu of Workshops and Seminars for continuing education, CEU, events for psychotherapists and educators:

  • licensed counselors
  • marriage and family therapists
  • social workers
  • school counselors
  • teachers

Betrayed by Technology: Working with couples in long distance relationships on how to keep it together while apart.

This workshop illustrates how to coach or counsel couples who are either preparing for a long distance relationship or are already living in one. We introduce and show how to use the Culturegram, a tool we have developed that helps couples gain insight about their communication styles and learned cultural expectations in a way that is nonthreatening. Couples can continue to use the Culture Gram over time when new challenges arrive.

Family History And The Immigration Story In Therapy

Using clinical case histories and new data, this workshop explores multiculturalism from the immigrant perspective over time and through the generations.

  • The evolution of the cultural identity of immigrants and the importance of the immigration story
  • The effect of our own immigration or migration story on the self of the therapist
  • The realities of the acculturation process; culture shock, cultural grieving and culture loss
  • Therapeutic do’s and don’t of each stage
  • Ethical considerations

Twenty First Century Faces: Multiethnic Families and Identity

Using clinical case histories, this workshop will focus on accompanying multiethnic clients as they journey toward self discovery, self awareness and identity formation.

  • The breadth and depth of the exploding multicultural population in the US families
  • Cultural and Ethnic differences that show and don’t show
  • The effects of appearance on relationships and identity
  • How to work with multiethnic clients on multigenerational conflicts
  • Therapist cultural and ethnic identity: effects of the self of the therapist self and other ethical considerations

Global Families and the Immigration Story

The importance of the family immigration story in therapy: the evolution of cultural identity, and identity loyalty conflicts between first, second, and third generation family members.